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Best Electric Scooter in 2022 (May Reviews)

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Our #1 pick just slightly edged out the Glion Dolly Electric Scooter (our #2 pick), which boasts solid reviews and a price point that awards it with the best motorized scooter for the money.

To determine which were the top-rated electric scooters on the market of 2022 (see more about our top picks for the latest vehicles on the market today), we first removed any scooters with poor consumer reviews and a questionable safety record. Safety, especially fire safety, was a top priority for our reviews.

Top 10 Best Electric Scooters Compared

 #1  GoTrax GXL Electric Scooter

WHY WE LIKE IT: We reviewed the Gotrax GXL scooter a while back and we fell in love with it. This scooter is not only affordable but an AMAZON CHOICE product that can cruise up to 15 mph.

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  • Smooth Ride
  • Great Performance
  • Great Tires
  • May Be A Bit Heavy For Some
  • LED Headlight Needs To Be Larger and Brighter
  • Charge Time Of 4-5 Hours
  • Max Speed 15 mph

This electric scooter is really almost perfect in every way. it is the best choice for the money. The weight is just right at 31 lbs. The max capacity is 220 lbs too. This is one of the best electric scooters and is the best value for the money. Get the best ride for your money when you read our best electric moped review.

The speed, charging time and range are all decent for the rider. In fact, if it wasn’t for the Qiewa Q1 Hummer, this one would have taken top place in our rankings.

However, the Gotrax GXL commuting electric scooter is more appropriate for everyone since it has just the right amount of power, is easy to use and has just the features that you need. It’s got a handbrake, lock mechanism, and cruise control. But you still need a good helmet. It is solidly constructed and folds up easily to take it with you. It has a great looking modern design too. The LED screen is easy to read but could be brighter, which is also true of the headlight. The maximum range for this model is just enough to get around where you need to go, and the speed limit is decent, making this a perfect choice for adult riders.

The GXL has a maximum speed of about 15.5 Mph with a range of around 9-12 miles on a single charge. It accelerates quickly and both front and back brakes are very responsive, which are more effective than foot brakes. Other features include 8.5″ air-filled tires, a charge time of 4-5 hours, 250 Watt motor, IP54 Waterproof rating, and the scooter weighs 26.50 lbs, which some may find heavy, but it’s very manageable when carrying it. If you want something more futuristic, the best hoverboard is a great choice too.

 #2  Glion Dolly Electric Scooter

WHY WE LIKE IT: The Glion Dolly foldable lightweight scooter is made for city riding and it fills that role exceptionally. We are calling it the best for city life. If you’re looking for a way to commute to work, this is the commuting electric scooters that you want. The very nice 3-4 hour battery charging time and the unique folding design are an impressive combination for city life.

  • 3-4 hr Charge Time Is Decent
  • Very Nice Airless Tires
  • Self Standing Feature
  • Not For Speed Demons With Max Speed Of 15 MPH
  • Made For The City So Not So Great On Bumpy Roads

This is the best electric scooter for city commutes. When you fold it, you aren’t carrying it, but instead rolling it like luggage. It has a max speed of 15 Mph and a range of 15 miles per charge. The frame is made from 6061-T6 aircraft-grade aluminum, and powder coated to resist corrosion. We like the solid construction. Other features include 8-inch airless tires with a honeycomb interior, anti-lock electronic brake in the back and a hand brake, pedestrian bell for safety and a 250-watt brushless hub motor for decent commuting power. You still need a good helmet for safety though.

It weighs in at just 28 lbs and has a rider weight capacity of 255 lbs. This is all you need for your trip to work. We wish the range were more like 18 miles, but for city commutes, this is likely all that you need for city streets. Of course, the stand out feature of the Glion dolly foldable is the unique folding design.

 #3  Razor E300 Electric Scooter

WHY WE LIKE IT: This is the best electric scooter for kids. While scooters like the Razor ecosmart metro electric scooter have more style, the E300 is more for everyone and looks more like the Razor e200 and e100 electric scooter. If your kid loves electric skateboards they will love this model.

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  • Comfortable Stable Ride
  • Large Tires For Great Traction
  • Low Price
  • Very Basic
  • No Battery Charge Indicator

Razor is known for quality scooters like the popular Ecosmart metro, the E90 electric scooter, the razor e125, the Razor e200 electric scooter and the Razor pocket mod miniature euro. Basically, they are a top brand in the industry and known for quality personal transport vehicles. The Razor E300 Electric Scooter (the cheaper version is the Razor E100) is the perfect scooter for kids. You can hit speeds up to 15 mph (Not too fast and not too slow for little adventurers) and offers up to 40 minutes of continuous use. Other features that beat the Razor e100 include a very large deck and frame, a chain-driven motor and twist-grip acceleration control. This scooter has a very stable ride that your kids will love and those large 8″ tires have great traction for a smooth ride.

As you can tell from the specs, this is a very basic model. It’s no Razor ecosmart metro, but it works. It’s enough for any kid to get on it and get going quick. If you are looking for a budget priced scooter for your child to ride around with their friends in the neighborhood, this is the one. It has a max capacity of 220 lbs. The scooter weighs around 45 lbs itself. There’s not much style here, but that oversized deck gives feet plenty of room. Also 40 minutes of continuous use is nothing to sneeze at if you are a kid, even though it should be better considering the state of lithiumion batteries these days. There are also no extras here like lights. Razor is keeping it basic and old school. Like other Razor electric scooters, this one is all about fun. That’s why it is our best electric scooter for kids. Some adults may prefer the best adult tricycle for a more leisurely pace.

 #4  Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter

WHY WE LIKE IT: Do you want a scooter that also offers a seat? If so, the Razor EcoSmart Metro electric scooter should be your choice. This is also the best one for kids in our opinion. This is currently the best scooter with a seat out there because of its super comfortable seat and included carrying basket. As you can imagine, this scooter is perfect for commuters who are always carrying something with them.

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  • 18 MPH
  • Super comfortable seat
  • Included onboard storage basket
  • 500 Watt motor
  • Battery doesn’t last super long

This electric scooter has the most comfortable seat. It has a max capacity of 220lbs, and the weight of the scooter is on the heavy side, at about 67lbs. This best electric scooter with a seat also packs in a carrying basket and steel frame with a bamboo deck. The battery will take about 5 hours to charge. Yes, that is a long time, but considering its extra features, it is well worth the wait.

Other features include 16″ pneumatic tires, rear hydraulic disc brakes system and a removable luggage rack. This scooter is all about comfort and convenience, so if you want to travel in comfort and with the ability to bring some of your belongings with you, the Razor EcoSmart is for you. The only downside here is that the motor isn’t as powerful as some of the options on our list. So, if you want extra power, you may want to consider other vehicles.

 #5  TOMOLOO Electric Scooter

WHY WE LIKE IT: The TOMOLOO adult electric scooter has a max speed of 15.5 MPH and a range of 18.6 miles on a charge. Rolling over inclines as steep as 20 degrees are no problem at all. It’s the perfect budget scooter with some decent features. That’s why it ranked as the best budget electric scooter, with an affordable price range, no matter where you get it from.

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  • Great Price
  • 15.5 Mile Range
  • Range and Speed Could Be Better
  • Charging Time Is 4-6 Hours

This is one of the best budget electric scooters. After you’ve already spent a decent amount on your kid’s scooter, you’ll be happy that you can get one for yourself for a decent price. One feature that we really liked is that there’s one button that controls the speed and the switching of all three gears.

The 8.5″ air-filled tires give you a smooth ride even while on a road that’s a bit rough. It has the typical folding design that most scooters have and is easy to carry if you encounter any stairs. The Tomoloo has a 220 lb. weight limit so larger adults may be out of luck, but most of us should be okay and experience comfortable rides that support the average person’s figure.

The scooter weighs in at just 28.4 lbs. It has some serious style too. The LED screen displays your speed and battery status and it has a decent mobile app that does things like change the color of the very stylized headlight. This is a very cool scooter that is priced just right for the adults who want to get in on the action. One of the coolest electric scooters we’ve tried.

 #6  UberScoot 1600W 48V Electric Scooter

WHY WE LIKE IT: If you’re looking for a real beast of an off-road scooter the UberScoot 1600w 48v Electric Scooter will not disappoint. It is definitely at the high-end of the scooter market and perfect for larger weight riders with a max capacity of 265 lbs. It’s powered by a 1600 watt motor that delivers over two horsepower. This, as well as other features, have earned it a spot for best 1000W electric scooter.

Read Full ReviewUberScoot 1600W 48V Electric Scooter

  • Quick Release Seat Allows You To Have A Seat Or Ride Standing
  • Max Weight Is 265 Lbs.
  • Nice Off-Road Power
  • Charge Time is 6-8 hours
  • Total Weight Is 117 Lbs
  • Range Could Be Better At 12 Miles

This is the best electric for large adults with a max weight capacity of 265 lb. The 11″ pneumatic tires on aluminum alloy rims make it perfect for any terrain. This scooter will rocket you to up to 20+ mph max speed with 12 miles of range when fully charged. That’s not great range, but it’s the trade-off for that off-road power. That range can be extended with “Economy Mode” though, which caps the scooter’s acceleration and top speed.

Like our #1 pick, this scooter is built solid, which is why it weighs a hefty 117 lbs. The UberScoot brings many other great features too, like a quick release seat, kickstand, folding design with a locking frame, both front and rear lights, and key ignition. We didn’t like the heavy weight of this model, but the solid construction and great features make it worth it.

 #7  Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter

We’re sorry, this product is temporarily out of stock

WHY WE LIKE IT: The Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter is actually one of the ones used in the Bird scooter rental service. It’s easy to see why they choose this model. It is the best “take it anywhere” scooter around. It’s very middle of the road but easy to take with you. Although it is very comparable to other scooters in its class, (and falls short in some features) the design is what makes it stand out from the rest. Especially when it comes to portability.

  • Smooth Ride
  • 18.6 Mile Range
  • A Tad Lighter Than Most Which Is Great For Transport
  • Max Speed Of 15.5 MPH
  • Not Many Extra Features

Weighing just 26.9 lbs it’s a bit lighter than the GoTrax GXL, which makes it that much easier when you are taking this scooter with you in the car or lugging it around elsewhere. That difference in weight makes it much easier to carry after you fold it down. This model has a top speed of just 15.5 miles per hour which isn’t Earth-shattering for motor scooters, but it delivers a smooth ride for your commute that is more fun than public transport.

You also get a decent 18.6-mile range, while the battery sadly takes 5 hours to charge. Given the other specs, we would prefer it if they had shaved an hour off of that charge time. Overall battery life is great, however.

Durability isn’t a problem thanks to an aerospace-grade aluminum frame. Also on board is a dual braking system, large 8.5-inch front tires, a 250W motor and it has an accompanying app for checking out speed, power, and stats. It has a 220 lb. max load capacity. The bottom line here is that you sacrifice some features for a reliable and sturdy commuting scooter that is easy to take anywhere. But if you want some action on a single wheel, read about the electric unicycle.

 #8  URB-E Folding Electric Scooter

We’re sorry, this product is temporarily out of stock

WHY WE LIKE IT: The URB-E Folding Electric Scooter has a unique design that you are either going to love or hate. That’s why we are calling it the best uniquely designed scooter. It’s a seated electric scooter that performs extremely well and has nice power going up hills. The URB-E has a lot of great features, but the star of the show here is the design.

  • Great Performance
  • Lots Of Features
  • Light Weight
  • Expensive
  • Range and Speed Could Be Better

This model folds down easily and is lightweight compared to much of the competition, weighing in at 35 pounds. In its folded state you can more easily carry it more like luggage while walking or taking public transport. You won’t see another commuter electric scooter design quite like it. Scooters with seats never look this good. This is the best uniquely designed scooter. However, this also is one of the more expensive models, so though it has an impressive range of additional features, it’s a pricey option. Though keep in mind that the fastest scooters with a wide range of battery life and speeds thanks to larger batteries and motor power tend to drive up the price.

The URB-E has a 20-mile range and a top speed of 17 mph. Honestly, both range and speed should be better considering how expensive this one is, but you are paying for the convenience of the design here. Nice shock absorption though. This electric scooter with seat is going to make your commute much better. It also has 10” pneumatic tires and a rear mounted 350-watt motor. The frame is made of aircraft grade aluminum which keeps things lightweight and durable. It also has USB ports for charging your phone while on the go. To protect your scooter you can even use the best bike lock.

 #9  NANROBOT D4+ Electric Scooter

We’re sorry, this product is temporarily out of stock

WHY WE LIKE IT: If you’re looking to take your electric scooter off-road the NANROBOT D4+ electric scooter has to be your choice. This is the best off-road scooter around. It’s all about power that will handle any terrain. This scooter has two powerful 1000W electric motors with one 1000W motor powering each of the two wheels for all-wheel-drive capabilities that make this scooter a beast off-road.

Read Full Review: NANROBOT D4+ Review

  • Top Speed of 40 MPH
  • All Wheel Drive
  • 45 Mile Range
  • Expensive

This is the best off-road scooter. It has a max speed of 40 MPH with a range of 45 miles per charge. Charging time for the battery pack is only 3 hours, which is impressive for a scooter this powerful. It has a basket like the razor ecosmart and also gives you front brakes as well as rear disc brakes that are hand operated with large 10-inch tires for extra traction off-road. Double shock absorption and a USB phone charging port round things out. Those disc brakes are very responsive when you need to brake suddenly. Larger riders will appreciate that it will hold riders up to 330lbs while the scooter weighs about 60 pounds. You may also want to read about the best bikes.

 #10  Qiwa Q1 Hummer 800 Watt Electric Scooter

We’re sorry, this product is temporarily out of stock

WHY WE LIKE IT: The Qiewa Q1 Hummer 800 Watts Electric Scooter is our top choice thanks to a quality build and standout features. It is the best scooter for commuting. This scooter can travel a massive 60 miles on a single charge and has endless features

Read Full Review: Qiewa Q1 Hummer Review

  • Great Performance
  • Great Distance Per Charge
  • Powerful
  • Long Charge Time
  • On The Heavy Side

It can handle a maximum load of 550 lbs so just about anyone can ride. The standout power and performance come from the 800W brushless motor, which delivers a maximum speed of 35 miles per hour.

The 26Ah capacity lithium-ion battery gives you a great range of 60+ miles (perhaps more than 12 hours of riding time), though the other side of that coin is a 3.5 hour charge time. One of the features that we really liked is the ability to charge a mobile device from the battery using a USB plug while riding. It’s super portable and ready to travel with you anywhere since it folds down easily to fit in a trunk. At 55 lbs, it isn’t super light, however. Other features include 10-inch tires, dual disk brake system, and IP65 waterproof certification. It also has front and back brake lights, an anti-theft alarm system so your ride doesn’t get stolen and an optional detachable seat. Its total weight is 55 pounds, which is on the heavy side.

There’s an easy to read display on the handlebar that shows your current speed. It is the best scooter on the market. You just can’t beat features like this combined with a rock solid build. Many consider this scooter to be the next best thing to the popular Gigabyke Groove. This performer is right up there with the Gigabyke Groove though as it has a powerful motor and great performance which is why we call it the best electric scooter for commuting.

Note: Other high quality electric scooters worth noting that we have not included on our list include the Segway Ninebot ES1 Folding Electric Kick Scooter which we will mention later on, the Unagi Model One, but there’s also the Segway Ninebot MAX Electric Kick Scooter with a maximum speed of 18.6 mph, and with a long range battery. The Segway Ninebot Max can travel up to 400.4 miles on a single charge and make no mistake, the Segway Ninebot can carry a maximum of 200lbs rider weight or that total weight including any luggage. It’s also got rear wheel shock absorbers, and front shocks too. The Unagi Model One E500 Dual Motor Scooter exhibits a brilliant motor, confident braking, and a first “one click” folding scooter features. The good thing with Unagi is their bikes have bright displays, plus Unagi sells the E500 with dual 250-watt on the front wheels, while the Unagi model one 250 has a single motor. There’s also the Swagtron Swagger High Speed Adult Electric Scooter. This Swagtron Swagger is extremely fast, with a 250-watt motor, and supports up to 250 pounds of weight

Beginner’s Guide To Electric Scooters

Electric scooters are an increasingly popular battery-powered vehicle. They use an electric motor and have an average range of about 15 to 25 miles. That said, the speed and capacity of an electric scooter rely on the passenger’s weight as much as the electric engine. If you’re new to escooters, there are quite a few details to consider to help you find the right one. Whether you’re looking to get from point A to B or trying to take an escooter off-road, there are many options to choose. In this guide, we’ll walk you through all the tips and essential details for electric scooters.

What Is An Electric Scooter?

Electric scooters, otherwise known as e-scooters, are motorized personal transportation vehicles that use electricity to power robust internal batteries. Modern electric scooters offer comfortable rides, cruise control, and powerful motors that allow for at least 15 to 20 miles per hour. The battery power afforded by these scooters makes them a particularly efficient mode of transportation. Coupled with their small size, they are especially attractive in crowded spaces like cities.

How Do Electric Scooters Work?

In the most basic terms, an electric scooter uses a twist throttle or thumb throttle and controller working together to tell the battery when it has to give power to the motor. The motor itself can be locate in one or both wheels of the scooter, and as the motor turns, it spins the wheels and propels you forward. As motors get more powerful, their internal workings may become more complex or larger in scale, but the general principle behind how an electric scooter works remains the same.

Riding An Electric Scooter

If you’re wondering how to ride an electric scooter, it’s actually rather straightforward. You’re basically just riding a scooter, except you don’t have to push it forward yourself. Be sure to get familiarize yourself with all the controls on the scooter before you start riding. Know where the brakes are, how to increase and decrease speed (as well as the maximum speed your scooter will reach) and look the scooter over for possible damage or anything that looks off. When starting out, ease into things and move slowly, only picking up speed as you get more familiar with balancing on the scooter.  It’s worth it to know how long you can rider you e-scooter for as well, so check the range on your scooter and its projected battery life.

Electric Scooter Laws By US State

It is legal to ride an electric scooter in every state throughout the country, though there are some restrictions. Some states have issued a minimum age requirement of anywhere from 12 to 18 years old. Additionally, some states necessitate having a valid driver’s license to ride an e-scooter. These scooters are often disallowed on sidewalks.

How Is An E-Scooter Made?

Electric scooters are typically made of a frame, motor, battery, tires, and other supplementary parts. The e-scooter motor is mounted on the frame and moves the front or rear wheels or both. Electric scooters are powered by rechargeable batteries that can run up to 40 miles at a speed limit of 20 mph. Modern e-scooters use lithium-ion batteries to power the motor. Electric scooter tires will either come with air-filled rubber tires or solid tires made of rubber and silicone.

Is An Electric Scooter Worth It?

Electric scooters can certainly be worth it if you plan on using one to perform daily errands or commute to work. These e-scooters do not need gasoline to operate, they are cheaper than public transportation, and they can easily be folded up when not in use. Additionally, they are relatively light and easy to carry.

How Much Should You Expect To Spend?

Depending on your brand and features, you can expect to pay around $250 for a basic e-scooter and up to $1000+ for a higher performance model. While you don’t want to overspend, you don’t want to miss out on some great features by going cheap. For advanced features expect to spend on the higher end.

Infobox – How Long Do Electric Scooters Last? Generally speaking, an electric scooter will last anywhere from three to five years, though some models can last even longer than five years. Performing regular cleaning and maintenance will extend this lifespan.

Choosing An Electric Scooter

So, you’ve chosen to invest in an electric scooter! Be it for fun or work commutes, the idea of choosing a more environmentally ride is probably appealing. While you’d like for your perfect e-scooter to appear in your garage, it, unfortunately, doesn’t work that way. When choosing an electric scooter, you’ll have to consider various features and specs to parse out your best option. That said, you shouldn’t stress because we’ll steer you towards your ideal e-scooter.

Step 1. How Big Are You?

While we’d never ask about your weight, the model scooter you pick will want to know. Knowing what the weight limit is for an electric scooter is essential, as exceeding it will reduce efficiency. Reduced efficiency increases drain on battery, wear on parts, and overall translates to higher costs over time. It’s also unsafe to ride an electric scooter if you exceed the weight limit for it by an excessive amount, such as trying to put two people on an e-scooter with a really low weight limit. Remember, safety features are there for a reason!

STAT – Electric scooters see more use for transportation than they do for recreational use, though they are effective at both!

Step 2. What Kind Of Motor Do You Want?

The voltage of the battery in an escooter is usually what separates electric scooter motors. Generally, the higher the voltage, the more efficient your battery will be at getting you around. Electric scooter offerings typically consist of 12v, 24v, 36v or 48v batteries, but the most commonly seen batteries are 12 volt and 24 volt models. Generally speaking, going with a 24 volt model is preferred because they offer better performance than a 12 volt model, but maintain a good price point and overall lighter frame than escooters with bigger batteries and greater power output.

Step 3. How Fast Do You Want To Go?

Speed is a popular feature that draws people to electric scooters. However, depending on how fast you want to go, there are things to consider, like the wattage. Scooters with a 500-watt motor tend to be on the powerful side and can typically travel anywhere from 16 to 20 miles per hour. Some 500w scooters can even go up to 30 mph. There are plenty of other e-scooter wattages too with different speed settings. Budget-friendly models typically come in at anywhere from 200 to 600 watts, while the most powerful scooters on the market clock in at 5,000 watts. Powerful scooters tend to offer a smoother ride no matter the rider weight.

Step 4. What Kinds Of Batteries Are You Considering?

The battery is an essential component that can have a significant effect on your riding experience. Choosing your escooter battery is an complicated choice, but we’ll make it simple. Lithium-ion batteries are the most common, following by nickel-metal hybrid batteries and sealed lead-acid batteries, the latter being a larger battery type. There are additional batteries occasionally used with scooters, but those are the main three. Some scooters also feature a removable battery to make swapping batteries out easier.

Step 5. What Other Features Should You Consider

Even if you know the size of your scooter and the battery you want, you still have to decide on a few more details. You may have heard of regenerative braking as a feature. Regenerative braking is an extremely efficient way to extend battery life when it comes to electric cars. Unfortunately, it does not fare as well when it comes to electric scooters. E-scooters equipped with this technology can increase overall battery life by only five to ten percent. A feature that is worth considering, however, is the ability to fold up your scooter. This increases portability significantly and makes taking your scooter places much easier. We strongly recommend checking out the best folding scooters you can buy if you plan on taking your scooter onto buses or the back of an Uber.

Step 6. What Are Other Options Available?

While we think that escooters are a uniquely good choice for motorized travel, they aren’t the only option for quick commutes. You could compare different electric scooters, but you can also compare electric scooters with other options. Consider the differences between e-scooters and electric bikes. You may find that an electric bike better suits your needs!

Step 7. How Much Can You Expect To Spend?

Electric scooters cover a pretty wide range as far as prices are concerned; you can think of them as a “price class” of sorts. The budget model range will come in around $100 to $300, and generally offer inferior battery capacity, low top speeds, and poor brakes. At the $300 to $600 range, you enter the more budget commuter range, where scooters feature decent performance for their price point. They’re useful for short distances, like a trip to the corner store. Once you push into $600 to $900, you hit the real mid-range, with good adjustable suspension, larger battery capacity and higher top speeds. Past this point, you’ve entered the premium range, and can spend up to (or more than) $2000 for better brakes, higher maximum range, higher top speeds, smoother rides and more advanced features, like proper rear suspension, or full dual suspension systems.

Infobox – Should You Buy A Used Electric Scooter? While you may think that, by picking up a used electric scooter, you can get a great model at a reduced price, it isn’t quite that simple. Experts recommend going with a new electric scooter due to several factors. The most important thing about a new electric scooter is the warranty. In addition, you can get direct support from the escooter manufacturer or retailer if anything goes wrong.

Types Of Electric Scooters

Electric Scooters By Age

Compare Adult Electric Scooters

Electric Scooters By Size

Electric Scooters By Use Type

Electric Scooter Alternatives

Top Electric Scooter Brands

In general, the more expensive a product, the more influential the brand name is. Electric scooters can range from $140 for a kids’ Razor model to over $1,000 for top-of-the-line models like the MotoTec Fat Tire. While not every brand will meet your needs, you should know the top escooter brands and what they specialize in. Having a recognizable name on your escooter can also help you get solid advice and worthwhile manufacturer warranties. Here’s a look at the top electric scooter brands and what they have to offer.

STAT – Bird and Lime e-scooters have seen a massive surge in popularity, with their sharing app seeing a spike in installs of 580%.

Owning An Electric Scooter

Owning an electric scooter requires much more than good balance and places to be. If you want the most out of your electric scooter, there are some factors you cannot forget. For example, if you have a premium electric scooter, you will want insurance coverage. In addition, for a safe ride, you need to invest in the proper safety equipment like a helmet and wrist guards. You’ll also want to be comfortable doing essential maintenance like charging the battery and caring for your wheels. If that sounds like too much, don’t fret. Read our guide, and we’ll have you riding your electric scooter in style.

Infobox – Are extended warranties worth it for electric scooters? If you’ve just picked up a new electric scooter, you may wonder if an extended warranty is worth it. In theory, this is a no-brainer because it will protect your new investment for longer. That said, if you’re handy with vehicle repairs or know someone who is, you may not need the extended warranty.

Insurance Options For Your Electric Scooter

There are a multitude of insurance options when it comes to electric scooters. Though not required by law in many states, scooter insurance can still offer collision coverage, bodily harm coverage, and roadside assistance. Electric scooters are frequently used in places where a collision is possible, mainly on the side of the road where other vehicles are present. You’ll have to judge for yourself how much you expose yourself to traffic in deciding if insurance is right for you.

Electric Scooter Accessories

An electric scooter seems like the final purchase in your journey to battery-powered fun, but that couldn’t be less true. Once you have your scooter, there’s a whole host of accessories you need to have. Some accessories simply make owning an electric scooter a bit more user-friendly. Other escooter accessories include imperative safety gear like pads, reflective gear, and helmets. The most essential electric scooter accessory, though, is the battery charger. Check out our recommendation for the best electric scooter helmet you can buy, as well as our recommendation for the best lights for your escooter to help keep you visible when riding in low-light areas.

Tip – Wearing safety equipment, especially a helmet, is very important when riding an electric scooter. The most common injuries from riding a scooter are head injuries and fractures in fact, head injuries alone make up 40% of electric scooter injuries!

Charging Your Electric Scooter

Charging an electric scooter battery is easy. Simply plug the battery into a viable power outlet. We recommend keeping the battery at a level of 40 to 90 percent charged. Try to never let the battery become fully depleted. Check on your battery every so often as it charges, same as you would any other battery your charge. Look for tears in the charging wire and signs of swelling on the battery regularly.

Electric Scooter Maintenance And Repair

Repairing an electric scooter can get decently involved depending on what it is that breaks down. Good maintenance of your scooter can help you avoid having to perform these repairs for a while, but sooner or later something will breakdown. Check the motor and see if anything has been burnt out or melted, check wires for fraying, and check your battery and your charge for corrosion on contacts or swelling on the battery itself. Things start to get progressively more complicated as dig into electrical parts or motorized parts, so always start with the easiest things to check first!

Best Electric Scooter Frequently Asked Questions

Does a warranty come with an Electric Scooter purchase?

You should always buy a scooter that includes a warranty, 1 year or longer. Just in case you get a defective part, a bad battery, or it just plain stops working for no reason. A warranty is a good idea and it protects your investment. All of our top picks come with at least a 1-year warranty.

Are Bluetooth speakers and apps something that you need?

Many come with Bluetooth speakers so that you can easily listen to your music while on the go. Is this a feature that you need? If not, you can save some money by avoiding expensive scooters with extras like these. This also goes for models that include companion apps for your smartphone. These apps can add some cool functionality, like music, remote control and more, but if you are not interested or won’t use this, look for models without these features to save money.

Are electric scooters green?

To make escooters environmentally friendly, models need to last as long as possible. That said, at the point of use, an escooter has zero emissions.

Can you use an electric scooter when battery is dead?

Most electric scooters are impossible to ride if the battery is dead. Typically, the wheels do not spin unless pushed. 

Are electric scooters good for last-mile transport?

Escooters are an ideal choice for last-mile transportation. In addition, the long charge times and maneuverability make electric scooters the perfect choice for light delivery or short treks.

Can you travel by airplane with an electric scooter?

Unfortunately, you cannot take most electric scooters on planes. This is due to the wattage limit on batteries both for carry-ons and checked luggage.

Can you ride an electric scooter on dirt, gravel and rough terrain?

While most electric scooters can put up with some rocks or cracked sidewalks, activities like off-roading or hill climbing call for specialized escooters.

Can an escooter smell of sulfur when charging?

A battery that smells of sulfur is a sign of hydrogen sulfide coming from your battery. Hydrogen sulfide is very poisonous, so you should change out the battery immediately.

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