Best Gaming Chairs in 2022 (May Reviews)

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In our quest to find the best gaming chairs, we focused on features like comfort, adjustability and durability most. We measured how easy it was to adjust your gaming chair in the middle of playing and sat in the chairs for extended periods of time to truly see if you can game on end.

After hours of testing (and advancing my Skyrim save quite a bit), we’ve finally found our champion: the DXRacer Formula Series for $350. It’s a bit on the pricier side, but offers pressure relieving support for long gaming sessions and a design that helps cool the rear of the head and upper back.

To that end, if you’ve been using the same old desk chair for your gaming sessions, we can’t stress enough that you should take a hard look at our top 3 top gaming chairs picks. And yes, these chairs are specifically designed with the needs of gamers in mind. Keep reading to learn more and game on! Please also keep in mind that the best office chairs make a suitable if not great gaming chair.

Top Gaming Chairs Comparison Chart

DXRacer Formula Series DOH/FH08/NO Newedge EditionVertagear Racing Series S-Line SL4000Rocker 51396 Pro Series
Adjustable Backgreen-check-markgreen-check-markgreen-check-mark
Adjustable Armsgreen-check-markgreen-check-markgreen-check-mark
Amazon Rating4.5stars-new4.5stars-new4stars-new
Price$350.00$500 – 850.00$190.00
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Best Gaming Chairs #1 DXRacer Formula Series DOH/FH08/NO Newedge Edition

DSRacer Formula Series
This DXRacer is affordable, professional, and comfy.

Award: Editor’s Choice

Price: $350 | Features: Adjustable lumbar pillar and head/neck pillow, ergonomic highback | Read Full Review: DXRacer Formula Series

WHY IT’S A TOP PICK: Professional-level construction perfect for long-term gaming.

If the name “DXRacer” rings a bell, then you’re probably a fan of certain e-sport competitions. That’s right, this game chair creator is a frequent sponsor of e-sport teams including compLexity, Dignitas, and Fnatic, and you may have seen some of the gear at work in serious tournaments. Suffice to say, they know what they’re doing, and if you prefer a gaming chair designed from the top down for truly serious gamers, this is what you’ve been waiting for.

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So, what makes this one of the best bucket seats we’ve come across? Well, those holes in the back aren’t just for show, they’re also very handy for cooling your neck down, especially if you aim a fan back there. Like mesh chairs, having this kind of breathability is key to comfort. There’s also a lumbar and neck pillow section that you can adjust for maximum comfort and an angle adjuster for switching between tasks or console and PC games. The material is surprisingly good wicking pleather that’s easy to clean and will help keep you cool.  And last but not least, this racing-style chair includes a lifetime warranty on the frame and a 24-month warranty on all the other parts. Though bucket seats are great for comfort and aesthetics, some may prefer to sit higher up in an ergonomic drafting chair. It all depends on your needs and preferences.

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Best Gaming Chairs #2  Vertagear Racing Series S-Line SL4000

Vertagear SL4000
This Vertagear has style and substance.

Price: $500 – $850 | Features: Tilt with adjustable resistance and lock, headrest and lumbar support | Read Full Review: Vertagear SL4000

WHY IT’S A TOP PICK: Comfort and style combined in one package.

Vertagear makes great gaming chairs, end of story. This hefty SL4000 version comes with lots of serious high-density foam padding for maximum comfortable, a large neck/headrest pillow, and a sleek design that’s available in all sorts of color patterns. This racing chair with headrest and arm rests can be adjusted into four different directions to find the perfect spot, and the tilting feature comes with adjustable resistance so you can choose how much you “rock” when playing. There’s a ton of comfort here for long gaming PC and console sessions.

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So, why isn’t this swivel chair our top pick? Well, it may be one of the best PC gaming chairs of 2022, but a couple things do hold it back from the top spot. For one thing, the price is pretty high and this model can sometimes be difficult to find, especially if you have a certain color in mind. Also, while that PVC leather looks very cool, it’s hard to tell how durable it is in the long term. The wrong type of pu leather can easily crack and fade over time, especially when sitting beside a hot gaming tower.

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Best Gaming Chairs #3 X Rocker 51396 Pro Series

The X-Rocker is great for a more TV-friendly, immersive experience.

Price: $190.00 | Features: Dual speaker/subwoofer built in

WHY IT’S A TOP PICK: Built-in speakers and receivers for true immersion.

Don’t worry, console players, we didn’t forget about you! Actually, it doesn’t really matter where you play, the X Rocker is a very impressive, floor-based gaming chair.

I am particularly fond of those handy gunstock armrests, since so many floor-style type of gaming chairs don’t have arms for long-term gaming. However, the real highlight here are the two speakers and subwoofer, which are designed to connect either via a wireless transmitter or with RCA cables. Sit down, turn it on, and you get instant surround sound without the need for surround sound speakers! Okay, maybe it isn’t quite that good, but it’s still impressive. Also, note that despite the name this isn’t a true rocker that just sits on the ground. It has a swivel base that you can use to adjust tilt and swivel depth, which is another big plus. Add in the relatively affordable price tag, and this leather gaming chair is a real winner for any game-focused entertainment room.

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Beginner’s Guide To Gaming Chairs

Gaming chairs are a popular choice among PC and console gamers around the world. That said, it may surprise you that even office workers are figuring out the advantages of working in a gaming chair. Gaming chairs are ideal for long periods of sitting because they are focused on comfort and ergonomics. Our beginner’s guide to gaming chairs will walk you through picking the right chair for you by comparing the top brands and options. In addition, we’ll illustrate the different features available and how to use them.

What Is It About A Gaming Chair That Makes It “Gaming”?

Gaming chairs have caught on in a big way, but many ask exactly what features cordon them off for use by gamers. Gaming chairs tend to share ergonomic points of adjustability in line with office task chairs, allowing for increased bodily health during use. Gaming chairs come in extremely unique and individualized designs, and some offer gaming-specific add-ons and accessories. These include integrated stereo speakers, USB hubs, and more. Some gaming chairs are also built to rest on the floor, featuring no actual legs or base.

Infobox – History Of Gaming Chairs: For years, dating back to the early days of gaming, gamers were forced to sit on metal folding chairs and uncomfortable office furniture. Even as esports started to take off in the early 2000s, gamers were still stuck in old office chairs. Then, due to the 2006 auto market crash, DXRacer was sitting on tons of luxury ergonomic car seats. So they used those seats to manufacture the first “gaming chairs” on the market. Since that initial step, gaming chairs are now a massive industry and the top choice for those seeking fantastic ergonomics for work or play.

Should You Get A Gaming Chair?

Gaming chairs tend to feature a wide array of advantages to the average consumer, so they might be worth considering as a purchase. Modern gaming chairs follow ergonomic principles and feature a number of adjustability points, which helps promote overall health. These chairs are also typically heavily cushioned, for a greater level of comfort, and are built using sturdy and long-lasting materials. Gaming chairs are also available in a wide array of design and color choices, suiting nearly any consumer.

Stat – Top end gaming chairs are around 50% cheaper than top end office chairs.

How Does A Gaming Chair Function?

Gaming chairs have been making serious cultural waves since their introduction in 2006. The inner workings of a gaming chair do not deviate too much from what is found with a traditional office task chair. Many gaming chairs are ergonomically designed and built to offer comfort and support to the human body, but you still need to sit properly in your gaming chair. These chairs tend to be highly adjustable, with adjustment points ranging from seat depth to tilt lock, and more. If you’re wondering what else makes gaming chairs worth it, some also include gaming-specific features, such as integrated speakers.

Infobox – How Long Does A Gaming Chair Last? Gaming chairs will last anywhere from two to five years, depending on the make and model. If you want to drastically improve the lifespan of your chair, we recommend adhering to the maximum weight capacity issued by the manufacturer.

Choosing A Gaming Chair

Picking the best gaming chair depends on what you want in a gaming seat. If you’re looking for comfort, choose a model with full padding and built-in lumbar system. In addition, make sure your gaming chair has adjustable height and armrests. Finally, keep your budget in mind, as premium gaming chairs can cost more than $800. Be aware that some gaming chairs choose aesthetics over comfort, so while you may find a gaming chair you really like the look of, it might not have features that make sitting in it for long periods very comfortable.

Step 1. How Do I Pick The Right Sized Gaming Chair?

Picking the right gaming chair for your individual body can seem overwhelming to some consumers, but it is not that hard. There is no universally accepted size chart when it comes to gaming chairs, but there are some tips and guidelines to follow. Be sure to follow the chair’s recommended maximum weight capacity. You should also check out the chair’s maximum height guideline and measure the space between the armrests to ensure pick a comfortable gaming chair for your overall body type. Many chairs also have a recommended weight, so keep an eye out.

Infobox – Tip: Your comfort has an actual effect on your focus! Ergonomic gaming chairs are usually also comfy gaming chairs, and work to keep you comfortable, which means they also work to keep you focused on the game.

Step 2. Should You Consider A Different Type Of Chair?

Gaming chairs offer comfort, airflow, and solid ergonomic design, but should you buy one if you’re a non-gamer? While most experts would still recommend a gaming chair, there could be a better choice for you. For example, you may simply need an office chair! The difference between an office chair and a gaming chair seems like a night and day decision. That said, these two seats are far more similar than most people give them credit. If you’re looking for a cutting-edge design, go with a gaming chair. On the other hand, for a professional look with the same support, go with an office chair.

Infobox – Warning: Different colors of the same model of chair might have different prices. Don’t pay more for a color unless you absolutely have to have it. Consistent comfort, dollar for dollar, will matter more than getting exactly the color you want.

Step 3. What Ergonomic Features Do I Need?

Since gaming chairs are intended to provide comfort over long sessions, most are packed with ergonomic features, like a retractable footrest, adjustable armrest, adjustable seat height, and a back shape that helps you maintain ideal posture. That said, not all gaming chairs offer the same parts and not every chair suits all body shapes. You’ll need to make sure that the chair you choose has all the ergonomic features you desire. One of the most common adjustable components found in gaming chairs are the armrests. These armrests can be adjusted in a variety of ways, with 4-dimensional armrests allowing for adjustments in any direction. Modern gaming chairs tend to also include a number of built-in lumbar support features. These can include a head pillow and lumbar support pillow and help make a gaming chair better on your back.

Infobox – Why Do Gaming Chairs Use A Racing Bucket Seat Design? Gaming chairs resemble race car chairs because they are designed to relieve the strain and pressure of sitting for long periods. They also offer excellent support for long periods of gaming action. This racing design is not only eye-catching, but it also provides fantastic ergonomics.

Step 4. What Materials Should My Gaming Chair Be Made Of?

Gaming chairs appear in several materials and colors. While you may have only considered the seat, you can even find chairs with different materials for the gaming chair base. The best material for your gaming chair will be determined by your budget and your own personal tastes in comfort. Mesh and fabric are cooler than leather, and leather is cooler than vinyl or faux leather. However, leather is the most expensive option you can go for, and requires more specialized care, while mesh and fabric are easier to care for, and vinyl and faux leather even more so. The material the frame of the chair is made of will also vary depending on your budget, from plastic to plastic and metal to solid steel frames.

Step 5. How Much Should I Expect to Spend?

You can expect to spend anywhere from $100 to $800 dollars on a gaming chair, but some models can hike up as high as $1500. Budget chairs tend to be under $200 dollars but are usually light on features or made of less durable material, like vinyl. Chairs between $300 and $500 are usually considered “mid-range” and offer a good blend of quality materials and features to make your experience more comfortable. Past that, you enter the luxury range, where materials, features and design are all exquisite, with a price tag to match.

Infobox – Should You Consider A Used Gaming Chair? Gaming chairs can get pretty expensive if you want a great model. So you may think that going with a used model could be more affordable. That said, buying a new gaming chair is ultimately the better choice. A used chair won’t have a warranty, and it will break down more quickly than a new model.

Types of Gaming Chairs

Gaming chairs come in all shapes, sizes, and materials. Some models have extra features or are meant for specific types of games. If you’re in the market for a new gaming chair, read on to discover the different kinds you can choose from.

Gaming Chairs By Features

Gaming Chairs By Type

Stat – Esports athletes and streamers sit almost three times more in an office chair than office workers do. If you plan on streaming or playing games seriously, a gaming chair becomes more attractive the longer you expect to sit.

Top Gaming Chair Brands

Owning A Gaming Chair

Whether you’ve just assembled a new gaming chair or you’re figuring out how to discard an old one, there’s more to owning a gaming chair than just sitting in it. Even if you’ve had a gaming chair for a while, you may not be aware of some of the most important factors associated with this piece of office furniture. For example, as the gaming chair industry has matured, they have begun to offer more complicated features such as Bluetooth and USB power. So, if your gaming chair has you a bit puzzled, read on, and we’ll give you the top tips for owning a gaming chair.

Stat – The gaming chair market is projected to grow by almost $100 million from 2020 to 2024, urged partially forward by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Personalize Your Gaming Chair

Gaming chairs can be purchased in a dizzying array of color and design options. Some consumers, however, may seek to customize their gaming chairs with things like LED lights, patches, and decals. Sometimes, this can be done at the point of purchase via the manufacturer’s web portal, or you might prefer to do the customization on your own once you have the gaming chair inside your home. If your chair is missing it, you could add a lumbar pillow to your gaming chair as well and make it an overall more comfortable chair in the process.

Disposing Of Gaming Chairs

Properly disposing of a gaming chair can be a frustrating task, but all is not lost. Some local municipalities will pick up large items of furniture on certain days of the month, so we recommend contacting a government agency in your area. You can also donate the chair to Goodwill or another second-hand store. Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, and professional trash hauling companies are also solid options.

Gaming Chair Repairs And Maintenance

In general, gaming chairs can last anywhere from five to twelve years, but performing regular maintenance tasks can increase their overall lifespan. You can squeeze many more hours of gaming from your chair if you keep it clean with regular vacuuming, dusting, and washing, though be sure to follow the chair’s instructions regarding what chemicals and liquids to use during the cleaning process. You should also check the screws every six months and tighten any loose ones you find. A chair cover will provide improved protection and keep it safe from direct sunlight.

Frequently Asked Questions About Gaming Chairs

Can gaming chairs improve your gameplay?

Gaming chairs support good posture over long periods. Improved comfort from a gaming chair keeps you focused on the game for longer. Gaming chairs do not improve gameplay directly, but they can be better for your spine health.

What are ‘Racing Simulator Seats’?

A racing simulator seat attempts to replicate the feeling of actually sitting in a car or cockpit.  Most have a metal frame and an ergonomically padded chair. Consumer models are assembled at home and only require simple tools.

Why do gaming chairs have holes?

Gaming chairs have holes for better airflow during a long gaming session.  In addition, these holes allow for attachments like lumbar and neck pillows. The holes in a gaming chair also provide marginally better ergonomics.

Will a gaming chair affect my posture?

A high-quality gaming chair gives support to your neck, shoulders, back, and hips. If you already have good posture, a gaming chair will help maintain that posture for longer than a cheaper chair. Most gaming chairs have detachable neck and lumbar pillows for extra support.

Do gaming chairs relieve pressure on my body?

Most gaming chairs have armrests that take the weight off the lower back and hips. Generally, the more padding your gaming chair has, the more support it offers. A gaming chair’s posture support will evenly distribute weight along your spine.

Is a gaming chair just for gaming?

A gaming chair is helpful to all people that sit at a desk for extended periods. The added posture support and ergonomics make a gaming chair ideal for office workers. Some gaming chair designs might not fit in in some settings.

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