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Choosing the best keyboard can help you be more productive with everyday school or office work. In order to sort out the best keyboards for programming, the best keyboard for writers, and the best keyboard for music, we focused on design, wired vs. wireless connectivity, keyboard feel, and battery life. We also explored complementary features such as backlights and programmable hotkeys to access frequently used applications and perform certain functions.

Our top pick, the Logitech K400 Plus Wireless Keyboard is easy to use and features a built-in touchpad and a 10-meter wireless range, making it a great choice to command a variety of smart home devices, Android/Windows tablets and Chromebooks. And, when you’re ready to upgrade to a new unit, check out our best motherboard that we recommend.

Top 7 Best Keyboard

 #1  Logitech K400 Plus Wireless Touch TV Keyboard


WHY WE LIKE IT: Easy to set up and compatible with a wide range of home devices, this multifunctional keyboard has a built-in touchpad, a great tactile response and customizable function keys.

  • Best wireless
  • Works with Linux, Windows, Android or Chrome OS
  • USB port included
  • Not iOS or Mac OS
  • Not backlit

This multifunction keyboard is one of the best smart TV and home device keyboards in its class thanks to a simple set up and built-in trackpad for convenience. It also has good wireless connectivity and a USB port to connect it to a PC or smart television. It’s a great keyboard for gaming and work as one of the best keyboards for programming Raspberry PI devices too. Read our guide on the best CPU fans to keep your computer temperature cool.

While it doesn’t have backlit keys or offer Bluetooth as some other wireless keyboards do, it has fully customizable F-keys and offers broad compatibility with Linux, Windows 7 and up, and Chrome operating systems. This keyboard’s ease of use definitely puts it in the running for the best smart TV keyboard.

 #2  Apple Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad


WHY WE LIKE IT: The high quality look and feel of the original Apple Magic Keyboard with the convenience of a full 10-key numeric keypad, plus easy Bluetooth connectivity.

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  • Best for Mac
  • Scissor mechanism keys
  • Best keyboard for iPad and Mac
  • More expensive than 3rd party iOS keyboards
  • Lacks flip up legs

This Apple Magic keyboard has the look and feel of the original but adds upgraded key press mechanisms and a full numeric keypad. The latter is a great addition for work productivity, making this our pick as the best keyboard for writers and for business and finance applications on a Mac or iOS device.

The best keyboard for iPads and iPhones, this Apple keyboard has Bluetooth and a lightning cable, so you can use it wirelessly or as a wired keyboard with any Mac that has a USB port or any newer Mac using a USB- USB-C dongle. If you want a keyboard for your iPad mini, check this list of 11 of the bed iPad mini keyboards.

 #3  Razer Huntsman Elite Gaming Keyboard


WHY WE LIKE IT: This gaming keyboard features opto-mechanical switches promising unmatched clicking speed, plus a plush wrist rest and dedicated media keys (and colored LED lighting).

  • Fastest key mechanism in its class
  • Scissor mechanism keys
  • RGB Backlit
  • Takes up more space than some keyboards
  • PC only

A popular choice among gamers, eSports aficionados and twitch streamers looking for the best keyboard for gaming, the Huntsman Elite has ultra fast and precise keys thanks to its optical-mechanical mechanism, which claims to preserve satisfying click feedback while shortening the keys’ travel distance to 1.5mm and increasing actuation speed. This combination of quality and speed makes it our pick as the best keyboard for WOW and other intensive gaming applications.

It also comes with programmable macro keys and a plush, leatherette magnetic wrist rest to help ward off carpal tunnel. Chroma RGB under lighting is standard and the keyboard comes with a 2-year warranty and claimed 100 million click lifespan.

 #4  Redragon S101 Wired Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo


WHY WE LIKE IT: A solid choice for the best keyboard and mouse combo in terms of value for the money, this wired keyboard is fully backlit and ergonomically designed, plus features a six-button mouse.

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  • Included Mouse & spash proof
  • 12 multimedia keys and full numeric keypad
  • Keyboard with mouse
  • USB connection only, not wireless
  • No integrated wrist rest

This splash proof, backlit keyboard and mouse combo is a great value for gamers and students as well. It features precise keys with good feedback, a full array of programmable function keys and 12 multimedia keys. It also comes with a 6-button gaming mouse that has some nice specs like teflon feet and an 8-piece weight tuning set for precise, customizable tracking.

The connection is via an included 5’ long USB cable, and while there’s no wireless, the cable is long and durable enough. It works with Windows 10, 8,7 and Vista, and has basic keyboard functionality with Mac OS, as well. Did we mention this a great gaming keyboard as well? If style is important to your setup, take a look at the best backlit keyboard.

 #5  AmazonBasics WirelessUSB Wired Computer Keyboard and Wired Mouse

We’re sorry, this product is temporarily out of stock


WHY WE LIKE IT: A completely wireless keyboard at a bargain price with a built-in trackpad, making it a great choice for home theaters or road warriors.

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  • Built-in trackpad & wireless
  • Low profile keys
  • Includes three-button optical mouse
  • Windows specific
  • Lacks wireless or mobile function

This wireless keyboard is one of the best you can buy at this price point with a built-in trackpad. It offers easy set up, low profile keys and customizable hot keys for media and shortcuts.

A great keyboard for office use and programming, this keyboard works with any Windows 10, 8,7, Vista, XP or 2000 applications. And it includes a built-in trackpad, so it’s ideal for use from your couch or if you hit the road often and can’t stand your laptop’s keyboard. With a keyboard this nice, you’ll definitely want the best keyboard stand too.

 #6  Corsair K55 RGB Gaming Keyboard


WHY WE LIKE IT: This well designed keyboard for gaming features an integrated palm wrest and is IP42 rated making it dust and splash resistant.

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  • Dust/Splash Resistant & dynamic RGB backlighting
  • Detachable rubber wrist rest
  • Dust and Splash resistant
  • Some prefer mechanical to membrane keyboards
  • Not very compact

This full size keyboard is a good value considering its IP42-rated dust and splash resistance plus attractive key font and dynamic RGB lighting. You can also set it to be one color backlighting or turn off the backlighting as well. If splash resistance is a priority you may find this the best keyboard for gaming in its price range.

It’s compatible with most recent Windows machines and connects via an included USB cable. Despite its low cost, it’s rated highly for durability. It is a membrane keyboard, and while this can be an advantage for those looking for a quiet keyboard for programming or work, dedicated gamers often prefer the feel of mechanical keyboards and its associated “clicks”.

 #7  HP Wireless Elite Keyboard v2


WHY WE LIKE IT: This slim, full size wireless PC keyboard has foldable feet for comfortable typing, plus low profile keys,fast access hot keys and a full numeric keypad.

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  • 2.4 GHz wireless works from up to 30ft
  • Standalone design
  • Integrated battery life indicator
  • Not splash resistant
  • Doesn’t come with mouse
  • Windows only

This keyboard is great for writers working from home or those needing to control multiple devices; it uses HP’s 5-link wireless and has a 2.4GHz signal that allows it to work up to 30 feet away. A full size wireless keyboard, it has a full number pad and easy to use hot keys.

While it’s not splash resistant and lacks some of the features of high end wireless keyboards, it does come with four settings for height adjustment, which helps ease wrist strain, making it a real contender for the best keyboard for writers using a windows PC or laptop. However, it doesn’t have a built-in trackpad. Which is why our top pick is, well, our top pick and best wireless keyboard on the list. If you’re just looking for a keyboard to go with your iPad, take a look at the 6 best iPad covers with keyboards.

How We Decided

In order to bring you the top performing and best keyboards for gaming, productivity and general computer use we focused on keyboards that represented the best value or quality in their respective classes.

For gaming keyboards, we only considered models with backlighting, a full set of media keys and short travel keys. Splash proof keyboards got some extra credit but this wasn’t considered mandatory.

When considering the best keyboard for programming and general productivity, a good number pad and macro keys were again a must, as were reliable connectivity and broad compatibility. For multiple device keyboards and wireless keyboards, we looked for a built-in trackpad so as to allow the keyboard to take over mouse functions as well.

For wireless keyboards, we looked for easy setup, 2.4 GHz or Bluetooth 4.0 or above and a way of easily recharging the battery.

We also gave preference to keyboards that were compatible with a variety of operating systems including Mac OS, Linnux, Windows and Chrome OS.

Durability was a factor as well, and a 1 or 2-year warranty was a bonus.

For our picks for best keyboard and mouse combo we looked at value for the money, durability, and smooth, reliable tracking, only considering those with a laser mouse or an optical mouse with at least 1000 dpi resolution.

Best Keyboard Buyer’s Guide

Features to Consider

  1. Compatibility
    Make sure the keyboard you’re looking at is compatible with all the devices and operating systems you plan to use it for, as the best keyboard for music on Mac OS might not be the best for those using Linux or a Windows-based set up.. This is especially important when considering the best multifunctional or multi-device keyboards, as you may want to make sure a keyboard is compatible with mobile operating systems like Chrome OS and iOS as well as desktop applications like Mac OS and Windows.
  2. Wired vs Wireless
    If you’re looking for a desktop keyboard or the best keyboard for gaming from a dedicated gaming PC tower, a wired keyboard maybe your top choice. On the other hand if you’re looking to work from home and use a keyboard with a tablet or mobile device, you may want to go with a wireless keyboard. Some full size keyboards like the Apple Magic Keyboard for iOS and Mac (our #2 pick) allow you to choose either wired or wireless operation. And some include a built-in USB dongle (usually 2.4Ghz) while others connect via Bluetooth.
  3. Function keys
    Programmable function keys let you save time by executing complex commands with the touch of a single key, as on the native keyboards of many PCs and laptops.
  4. Backlighting
    Especially important to consider when looking for the best keyboard for gaming and media, backlighting lets you see the keys when you’ve dimmed the lights to look at the screen. Some offer variable colors while are simply there for the convenience of viewing keys in a dimly lit scenario.
  5. Number Pad
    While most laptop and tablet and many OEM PC keyboards lack a number pad, this feature can be a good reason to use an external keyboard. It saves time when working on spreadsheets and on business and finance work.
  6. Wrist Rest
    Some keyboards come with an integrated or detachable wrist rest. Useful especially for hardcore gamers and those with long desk hours, a good quality palm rest can help ward off repetitive strain and carpal tunnel.

The right keyboard is one of the best computer accessories you can buy. The best computer monitors make everything look great, but you still need to type in the info. The best computers need the best gear. Period. If you want to get extra fancy, the best backlit keyboard is a great choice.

Keyboard FAQs

What brand makes the best keyboards?

Depending on what you’re looking for, a number of brands consistently rank near the top. When it comes to the best keyboards for mobile devices and general use, Logitech is often a go to brand, offering good value for the money. Razer and Corsair make some of the most highly rated keyboards for gaming, while most Mac users prefer Apple branded keyboards.

What is the best keyboard for work?

If your work involves a lot of numbers, as with budgets, spreadsheets, or some programming tasks, look for a keyboard with a number pad. In general, the best keyboard for work will have a “just right” feel to the keys, with adequate click distance and resistance, but not overly stiff keys, and with snappy, consistent key return. Other features that may make the best keyboard for work include programmable macro keys, a built in wrist rest, or built in trackpad.

What is the best keyboard for typing fast?

Some gaming keyboards like the Razer Hunstman Elite (our #3 pick) are optimized for super fast click response for the sake of executing gaming commands in an eSports setting, and many of these adaptations, like optical-mechanical keys, can translate to faster typing.

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