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12 of the Toughest iPhone 5 Cases (list)

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Updated February 14, 2020

Sometimes you can’t help but drop your phone, but you can make sure to protect it via some of the most tough and durable cases on the market for you iPhone 5. With these cases, you won’t have to worry about any damage to your new iPhone 5 because of their many durable and shockproof features that will your protect your phone from spills, falls and much more!

12. Speck ToughSkin Duo iPhone 5 Case

For those who want extra protection, the ToughSkin Duo is like two cases in one, with sharp color options and a super-functional holster that makes safety look smart. You can use the slim inner shell on its own when you need to keep a low profile. The outer case has rubbery, notched surface provides a no-slip grip and full-on shock absorption.  Get yours for $39.95.

11. Case Mate Tough Xtreme iPhone 5 Case

The Tough Xtreme is a rugged case in a slim package. It actually combines military-grade protection with a sleek, non-bulky style with its three layers of toughness and soft oft exterior wrapped around a hard skeletal structure. Available in a variety of colors, it retails for $50.

10. Seidio Convert Case iPhone 5 Case

The Seidio Convert is like having two cases in one! There’s a sleek case for everyday protection and a heavy-duty case for the demands of the outdoors or rugged professions. The rugged case adds a  layer of shock-absorbing silicone and a precision-fit skeleton. There’s two color options (black and grey) and it’s $50.

9. HardCandy ShockDrop iPhone 5 Case

The ShockDrop Case features 6mm of shock absorbing silicon at the corners, a semi-rigid (replaceable) screen protector, and tear proof flaps. The body slims down to 3mm of protection to allow an easily fit into your bag or enterprise iPhone Charging Carts…all for only $39.95.

8. Edge Design AKTIV iPhone 5 Case

For those that like the sleek look but want ultimate protection will like the high-end, lightweight aluminum AKTIV from Edge Design. It has an anodized finish and a strong interchangeable polymer band that suspends your phone inside the open sided aluminum case, so that the metal doesn’t touch your phone.  It comes with a lifetime warranty and goes for $99.

7. Ballistic Hard Core HC Series iPhone 5 Case

The new Ballistic Hard Core (HC) Series Case is engineered with five layers of engineered drop protection, including a built in screen protector, water resistant mesh over all speakers and an extremely durable rotating holster. Get it for only $59.99.